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I'm Nicky and I love to create artwork for young children, babies' nurseries and for anyone who loves animals! I have always felt a deep connection to the animal world and so painting and drawing them makes me absolutely love what I do.

Studio Q work in progress by Nicky

I've always loved drawing but it wasn't until a few years ago that I began creating nursery art after working in the interior design field for some time. I stumbled into selling nursery prints by accident really, after I sketched a little bunny idea for a friend who was looking for little grey animals to decorate her nursery with. She was so excited when she saw the bunny that she asked me to draw more!

The bunny, by the way, is named Sugarloaf, and she has since become my logo!

One of my greatest joys, besides creating artwork, is communicating with my customers. I am always thrilled when they send me a photo of the animals on display in their child's room and when they take the time to share how the art makes them feel. It's truly inspirational and something that I appreciate so much. 

Thank you for stopping by my shop today and learning a little more about me. I'm inspired to create animal art because I am drawn to their beauty, innocence and funny personalities.They brighten my world and I'm truly the happiest when I'm creating them for yours.


Penguin with pink Heart Balloon artwork